Our company exists on the market since 1997. The employees in our company are with deep knowledge in the cigarette production machinery, knowledge developed in the sphere of well-known 50-years old BULGARTABAC. We rebuild and re-engineer old cigarette production and packing machinery and we offer low and medium speed machines for manufacturing 1700 tones of softpacked cigarettes and 750 tones of cigarettes in hardbox per year. The purpose of the reconstruction and modernisation of those machines is to meet and satisfy our customer needs. We are committed to fulfil our clients requirements for cost effective equipment. The company's machines can be set for cigarette length in the range of 65mm to 120mm with filter or to produce plain cigarettes (filterless cigarettes). Besides cigarette production and packing machines reconstruction, our business provide assistance for machines repairs to our customers, for choice of appropriate additional equipment for full working process. We invite you to see our machines!
Our production area

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20 cigarettes King Size boxes
11 cigarettes packs